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High temperature weather, causing electricity prices to rise in many countries
Jun 30 , 2023

The global weather is exceptionally hot, with consecutive days of high temperatures significantly increasing residents' electricity demand. Extreme weather has triggered a surge in overseas electricity prices, leading to a resurgence of power outage crises. There is a shortage of energy supply in Europe, and the abnormal high temperature and drought have significantly reduced the power generation of hydropower, nuclear power, and wind power; On the other hand, it has increased the electricity demand of European residents. Overseas electricity prices have skyrocketed, leading to a resurgence of power outages.

Last year, Europe implemented a mandatory policy of reducing electricity demand by 10%, which was issued in response to multiple factors such as extreme high temperatures and no wind conditions, a 15% year-on-year decrease in water and nuclear power output, and a Russian gas outage. At present, Europe's nuclear power production capacity and hydraulic balance are gradually improving, with gas storage capacity reaching 75%, while fossil fuel power generation profits remain negative. In addition, the rapid growth of new nuclear power units and wind and solar power units in Finland will support power supply, so the overall margin of the supply side is improving. But the electricity price is still very high.

Photovoltaics are the use of solar energy for power generation, which is particularly beneficial for areas with high temperatures and good lighting. Kinsend is committed to the installation and design of photovoltaic support systems, providing project design solutions for global customers. Please contact us:


Hot Sale Solar Mounting Solutions recommend for you

Ground Mounting System
Ground Mounting System Ground Screw W Type
Ground mounting system is made of aluminum to mount on concrete foundation or ground screws,Quick installation with large-scale ground photovoltaic system power station construction progress.
steel solar ground installation structure
C Steel Ground Moungting System C Rail
The steel solar ground installation structure is designed for large-scale commercial use on the ground and can be used with grounding screws or concrete bases.
Ground Mounting System _Sandy Area
Ground Mounting System _Sandy Area
Double blade ground screw foundation ground system, suitable for sandy environment, with strong structural stability,
Tile Roof Hook
Tile Roof Hook
Use universal stainless steel roof hook for tile roof rack mounting system,stainless roof hook installation with Self-tapping screw M6.3*80mm
Solar Roof Mounting System
Solar PV Mounting Tin Roof Hooks Aluminum L Feet Heightening type
Kensend's lengthened type L foot hook is widely used in PV systems in Korea and Europe for trapezoidal metal tin roof PV mounting systems.
Aluminum Solar Carport_N Type
Fast Installation Solar Carport Racking,The N-shaped structure is more streamlined, reducing the cost of the entire carport system and reducing obstruction to vehicles.
High Flexibility Carport Mounting System_W Type
High Flexibility Carport Mounting System_W Type
High suitability carport mounting system with panels horizontally layout , and solar installations in both waterproof and non waterproof carport structure are optional.
Tile hook
Tile Roof Mounting System
Solar Stainless Steel Hook ,Custom-made solar tile hooks based on tile specifications,They have adjustable and fixed tile hook type for choice.
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