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The main content of solar photovoltaic system operation
Jul 25 , 2023

Solar photovoltaic system integration refers to the process of integrating solar photovoltaic components, inverters, brackets, battery energy storage, and other components together to build a complete solar photovoltaic power generation system.

The following is the main content of solar photovoltaic system integration:

Design and planning: based on actual needs and site conditions, carry out the overall design and planning of the solar photovoltaic system. This includes the installation position, inclination angle, and orientation of the photovoltaic module array, as well as the selection of appropriate solar photovoltaic modules.

Component procurement and supply chain management:

Select solar photovoltaic modules that meet quality and performance requirements, communicate and cooperate with reliable suppliers in procurement to ensure smooth supply chain.

Installation and debugging:

Install solar photovoltaic modules according to the design plan to ensure their safe and stable fixation on the bracket. At the same time, the installation and commissioning of battery energy storage module, inverter and Battery management system shall be carried out.

Grid connection and grid connection debugging:

Connect the solar photovoltaic system to the grid to ensure that its electrical energy can be stably injected into the grid. Conduct corresponding grid access applications and grid connection debugging work, coordinate and conduct joint debugging with grid operators.

Operation and monitoring:

Set up a monitoring system to monitor and manage the operation status of the solar photovoltaic system in real-time. Regularly conduct inspections, maintenance, and upkeep to ensure the efficient operation and troubleshooting of solar photovoltaic systems.

Data analysis and optimization:

Conduct statistics and analysis on operational data, and track the output ratio of the entire photovoltaic system.

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