Xiamen Kinsend Metal Tech Co., Ltd., is the main subsidiary of Fujian Shuangheng Group, which specialized in the designing and manufacturing of aluminum profiles over 30 years,with factory covering an area of 800,000 square meters. Every process including casting, extrusion, machining, anodizing, powder coating is completed in our own factory, under strict quality control as factory is ISO9001 certified. Kinsend offers solar PV mounting solutions supported by a veteran R&D team, which provides tailored efficient design as per customer’s budget and project conditions. It covers a range of  products and services, including solar rooftop mounting system, solar ground mounting system, solar carport, solar farm,solar green house and ground screw as foundation.  With annual capacity of 20,000 tons for aluminum profile and 300,000 pieces for ground screw, Kinsend has served customers to more than 80 countries mainly located in Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, Japan, Korea. With our continuous innovations and prompt services, Kinsend has become one of the biggest exporters of solar mounting structure in China, with 8GW+ installation capacity to date. Choose Kinsend to enjoy our "Higher quality & Quicker delivery" as promised.  
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Kinsend is a professional designer and manufacturer supply the solutions of solar mounting systems as per your requirement, which covers solar ground mounting systems, solar rooftop mounting systems, solar farm, solar carport, ground screw..


With our strong design & manufacturing ability, Kinsend has 3GW projects exported worldwide.


Hot Sale Solar Mounting Solutions recommend for you

Ground Mounting System
Ground Mounting System Ground Screw W Type
Ground mounting system is made of aluminum to mount on concrete foundation or ground screws,Quick installation with large-scale ground photovoltaic system power station construction progress.
steel solar ground installation structure
C Steel Ground Moungting System C Rail
The steel solar ground installation structure is designed for large-scale commercial use on the ground and can be used with grounding screws or concrete bases.
Ground Mounting System _Sandy Area
Ground Mounting System _Sandy Area
Double blade ground screw foundation ground system, suitable for sandy environment, with strong structural stability,
Tile Roof Hook
Tile Roof Hook
Use universal stainless steel roof hook for tile roof rack mounting system,stainless roof hook installation with Self-tapping screw M6.3*80mm
Solar Roof Mounting System
Solar PV Mounting Tin Roof Hooks Aluminum L Feet Heightening type
Kensend's lengthened type L foot hook is widely used in PV systems in Korea and Europe for trapezoidal metal tin roof PV mounting systems.
Aluminum Solar Carport_N Type
Fast Installation Solar Carport Racking,The N-shaped structure is more streamlined, reducing the cost of the entire carport system and reducing obstruction to vehicles.
High Flexibility Carport Mounting System_W Type
High Flexibility Carport Mounting System_W Type
High suitability carport mounting system with panels horizontally layout , and solar installations in both waterproof and non waterproof carport structure are optional.
Tile hook
Tile Roof Mounting System
Solar Stainless Steel Hook ,Custom-made solar tile hooks based on tile specifications,They have adjustable and fixed tile hook type for choice.

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「PV EXPO 春」2月28日(水)~3月1日(金) 東京, [ 出展場所 ] E6-5
Feb 28, 2024 「PV EXPO 春」2月28日(水)~3月1日(金) 東京, [ 出展場所 ] E6-5

2月28日(水)~3月1日(金) 東京ビッグサイトにて開催されます 第18回国際太陽光発電展「PV EXPO 春」に出展する運びとなりましたのでご案内申し上げます。 [ 会期 ] 2024年2月28日(水)~3月1日(金) 3日間 [ 開場時間 ] 10:00~18:00 ※最終日17:00まで開催...

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PV EXPO Tokyo Japan 2024, ​[ Kinsend Booth Number ]  E6-5
Feb 23, 2024 PV EXPO Tokyo Japan 2024, ​[ Kinsend Booth Number ] E6-5

平素は格別のご愛顧を賜わりまして、厚く御礼申し上げます。 弊社は2024年2/28~3/1に東京ビッグサイトに開催される第18回国際太陽光発電展「PV EXPO 春」に出展します。 弊社のブース番号は東1号館E6-5です。 今回は地面アルミ野立て架台(多種類)、ZAM架台、ソーラーシェアリング、防水カーポート、屋根金具、フェンス、スクリュー杭、防草シートを出展しております。 ご...

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Chinese Spring Festival Kinsend Holiday Notice
Feb 08, 2024 Chinese Spring Festival Kinsend Holiday Notice

Kinsend will enter a short holiday during the Chinese Spring Festival, there can reach out relevant sales staff for any urgent matter.  For any urgent projects, we have engineers on duty will be ...

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