The importance of solar mounting modules anti-corrosion
May 23 , 2021

Solar mounting modules common frame accessories include bracket, solar clamp, hook, grounding wire...., etc.

The solar components has aluminum alloy material, also has stainless steel material, as well as some zinc ferroalloy and so on.General double glass components with the pressing block will have a rubber pad inside the metal clamp, usually using hard EPDM rubber, and corrugated groove to increase the contact area with the glass, increase friction.Rubber pads are also available for stainless steel or zinc-ferroalloy presses to avoid scratching the assembly border

PV modules shall be tested in accordance with IEC 61215, 61730 and other standards for power generation performance, physical and mechanical performance, safety performance and weather resistance.Various accessories directly installed on the frame form a whole with photovoltaic modules. Although similar tests for "module + accessories" have not been required, it is still necessary to consider whether these accessories will affect the power generation, strength, safety, weather resistance and other performance of the module.

PV modules need to be tested for insulation performance, ground continuity test, PID resistance performance test, flame retardant grade test, humidity and heat aging test, etc.

Kinsend's photovoltaic modules are fully immersed in all parts on the surface galvanized surface, and then perfectly protected from the lack of corrosion protection on the cross-section.Provide customers with a 10 - year warranty for the bracket.Please send an email to Info@kinsend.com or follow our enterprise platform to learn more about our products.


Hot Sale Solar Mounting Solutions recommend for you

Solar Carport
Anodized Aluminum Solar Carport Mounting System
Solar carport with concrete base, which is convenient and easy to install, suitable for open land for residential or commercial buildings, like shopping mall.
Solar Rooftop Mounting System
Standing Seam Solar Rooftop Mounting System
The standing seam roof clamps easy mounting on the folded seam rooftops. The clamps are designed to catch the standing seams effectively with ease. Clamps offer a secure fastening without penetrating the roof sheets, with maximum stability and minimum weight.
Solar Ground Mounting System
Aluminum Ground Solar Mounting System With Ground Screw Base
Solar Ground Mounting System is typically applied on flat open field ground. Main components are high pre-assembled in our factory, which save lots of your on site installing time and cost. Components are full sides anodized even for small parts, which has a great anti-corrosion effect and long lifetime.
Solar Ramming Pile System
Solar Ground Ramming Pile Mounting System
Solar ground ramming pile mounting system is applied to residential, commercial and utility scale PV projects on non-sandy ground. It suits both framed or frameless solar panel installations, especially on uneven terrain. It works for level ground too.
Tile Roof Solar Mounting
Roman Tile Roof Solar Mounting Systems
The Roman Tile Roof Hook is exclusively designed for the solar panel mounting on roman tile roof. Just few steps with 4 components, easy to install.
Solar Roof Mounting System
Trapezoid Metal Roof L feet Solar Mounting System
The aluminum L feet solar mounting system is widely used in commercial and residential metal rooftop, easy to install.
Flat Roof Triangle Bracket
Flat Roof Triangle Bracket for Solar Mounting
The Flat Roof Solar Panel Mounting Triangle Bracket is pre-assebled in our factory, which save lost of your on site installing time and cost. 
Grounding Screw
Galvanized Ground Screw With Flange
Hot Sale Ground screw with flange, the flange is convenient and easy to connect with the solar bracket from upward。
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