Smart Design Anodized Aluminum Solar Carparking

Kinsend Solar Carport is exactly customized for residential or commercial open lands, the alumunum brackets are high pre-assembled in our factory, which is very easy to install.
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    Silver, Black
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    Xiamen, China.
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    7 days
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Product Name:Aluminum cutomized Solar Carport Mounting System

Description: The Solar Car Parking System could be applicable for most of the commercial and residential open ground. The material is AL6005-T5, solution could be exactly customized as per your requirement. The high strength components could withstand most of the weather conditions.


Light material, easy for install & delivery.

Full sides anodizing, High anti-corrosive effect.

Environmental friendly

10 years warranty and over 20 years service life.


Technical Data

Install site  Open Field
Max Wind Speed   ≤60m/s
Snow Load   ≤1.4KN/M2
Tilt Angle   ≤20 degree
Applicable Module   Framed or frameless
Standards   AS/NZS 1170, ASCE 7-10, JIS2017
Material   AL6005-T5, SUS304
Anti-corrosive   Anodized
Color   Silver/Black
Foundation  Concrete or ground screw
Warranty   10 years warranty


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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.