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1.Company profile

Kinsend is a manufacturer specialized in Solar system products:ground screw pile ,pile driver machine and solar mounting kit.This is a design & development integration company with production capacity and sell ability. In recent years,Aluminum frame and ground screw has been widely used in solar power station.we offer solar kit system which is used in solar panel station, solar farm and house building.We also offer ground screw pile and piling driver machine. Japan is the major export market that market share have 60% 70%.Occident and southeast Asia have 15%-20%.Therefore,in order to provide a better service,we have established an international sales department and Japan sales department. Our products are popular because its low price, high quality assurance and good service.So we have gained good evaluation and high credit.

2. Quality assurance

We have a trusted technology,thus quality is guaranteed.Our purpose is that provide high-quality products and comprehensive service. Then,we also have established a professional quality inspection department to ensure production quality.After the inspection,products are provided to our customers. In addition,because products are according to GB standard and ISO9001 quality standard,we have gained a high opinion around the world.In particular,In the field of solar power has achieved a high reputation.

3.Management philosophy

“Do some thing what we can do to protect environment”is our philosophy. Train More professional technician ,and guarantee quality. Listen to the customers’s opinion and suggest.provide better services and preferential policies. Offer competitive price.