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Based in Xiamen city of China, Kinsend is a well established designer, manufacturer and exporter of solar mounting system, including

ground screw, rooftop mounting and ground mounting solution.

Supported by the parent company Shuangheng Group, a giant in aluminum profile production with annual capacity of 50,000 tons,

Kinsend is privileged to present solar mounting with better quality surpassing competitors who simply assemble the

outsourced aluminum profile. Unlike competitors, each section of Kinsend mounting is fully anodized,

which guarantees better LookAndFeel and corrosion resistance.

Kinsend's patented solar mounting component easies installation while reduces assemble time. Solution based on
specific solar project is available by work of R&D team.
With warehouse in Japan, Kinsend has delivered mounting system for MW grade solar projects in dozens of countries
located in Asia, Europe, Middle East, South America with reputation. Indeed, Kinsend is considered one of most
influential players in solar mounting field of China.